2018 Track Information

Wednesday, March 7 2018

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Jake Christiansen

Sprints: Felisia Gladney

Sprints, Jumps, Hurdles: Kamille Harris

Distance: Mark Bohdan, Andrea Sanchez

Throws: Amy Kamp


Social Media

Twitter: @CCHS_Speed     Instagram: cchs_trackandxc


Meet Snacks

The Meet Snacks Sheet can be found here

Please contact Coach C (jchristiansen@swchristian.org) to be added to this list.  It is helpful to have multiple families sign up for snacks for one meet - we have 34 boys, 24 girls, and 6 coaches on the team, so sharing responsibility is a must.

Ideas on what to bring: Gatorade, Powerade, Infuse, or other sports-focused drinks (not "energy drinks" such as Red Bull, Amps, or Monsters), Granola bars, Fruit, Fruit snacks or strips, Dried fruit, Pretzels, Bagels, Peanut Butter (and plastic knives), Oreos or other cookies, Nuts, Cheese sticks, Gummy bears, Twizzlers, anything else somebody might want to eat after running/competing.  We do have allergies on the team, so label items containing allergic content (like peanut butter) accordingly.  Athletes should bring their own water bottles, so water is not required.


Eligibility Rules

An athlete is ineligible if:

  • The athlete has an F in a class for 2 or more consecutive weeks
  • The athlete has 4 or more D's & F's, or 2 or more F's
  • The athlete does not turn in a completed Tutoring sheet

An athlete being ineligible for more than half the season is grounds for removal from the team.



Complete schedules can also be found here: Boys Schedule & Girls Schedule








Feb 26 – Mar 3

Spring Play

Spring Play

Spring Play

Spring Play

Spring Play

Spring Play

Mar 5 – 10





B&G: UHigh


Mar 12-17





G: MSC Indoor

B: MSC Indoor

Mar 19-24





Il Top Times?


Mar 26 – 31





Spring Break

Spring Break

Apr 2 – 7

Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring Break

Spring Break

April 9 – 14


G: MSC Quad





April 16-21


B: MSC Quad


B: Englund Rlys

G: Eagle Classic

Leave for CSI (overnight)

B&G: CSI Invite

April 23 – 28


G: MSC Quad



B&G: Home Invite


Apr 30 – May 5


B: MSC Quad



G: MSC Champ

B: Nalley Invite

May 7 – 12





B: MSC Champ

G: Girls Sectionals


May 14 - 19




G: State

B: Boys Sectionals

G: State

May 21 - 26




B: State


B: State